VerseOne DXP 5.7.5

25 Peer Rewards

  1. Peer Recognition Module

    The Peer Recognition Module empowers colleagues publicly to recognise and praise the great work that their team mates have done by setting up Recognition Schemes.

    • Schemes enable staff to award points to their colleagues, alongside a message outlining their colleague's great work;
    • the Recognitions are displayed in a social media-style timeline — that also enables other colleagues to Like the Recognition, and to add their own supportive Comments;
    • at the end of each time period, the Module automatically gathers up and generates a report of those individuals who have achieved the target points, e.g. for eligibility for vouchers or other rewards;
    • admins can set up one or many Recognition Schemes — with varying timelines, e.g. a regular monthly Scheme, alongside a Quarterly or Annual Scheme;
    • admins can restrict Schemes to specific Groups of users — so individual departments could run their own Recognition Schemes alongside the whole-organisation ones;
    • the number of points that can be awarded per Recognition can be configured — e.g. one Scheme may only allow for one point to be awarded to a person each month, or allow multiple points;
    • the points icon can also be configured on a per Scheme basis;
    • views such as the main Recognition Stream, Recognition Mini-List, User Points Summary, and Personal Settings Recognition Report provide multiple, flexible ways for employees to view their own and colleagues’ achievements.

    The Peer Recognition Module can be added to existing VerseOne DXP installations or, as with the Accessible Documents Creator (ADC), commissioned as a stand-alone SaaS solution.

  1. Fixes and improvements

    Various fixes and improvements to Honeypot Spam filter, Notifications sending, Forum Topics, Biometrics with SAML SSO, and PWA Manifest for Google Play Store, and more.

VerseOne DXP

7 More spit, more polish

  1. The powerful Accessible Documents Creator converts Word and PDF files to auto-generated HTML pages.

    This release introduces some significant new features for Accessible Documents Creator (ADC) which are designed to help users to determine correct Accessible header structures.

    • when Previewing and Editing a document, the Index now displays the Header level, i.e. whether it’s an H3, H3, H4, etc.;
    • headings that are in the wrong order are highlighted in red — so that editors can tell, at a glance, whether headings are likely to be at the wrong level;
    • within the document, a new control means that heading levels can now be changed with a single click in situ — substantially reducing the effort for each change;
    • introduced tiered headings in the document and in the Index, i.e. 1, 1.1, 1.2, etc.;
    • table headers are no longer in capital letters.
  1. Fixes and improvements

    Various fixes and improvements to Permissions, the Research Projects Module enabler, Personalised Home Page enabler, Biometric authentication with OIDC SSO, and more.

VerseOne DXP

4 Spit & Polish

  1. Notifications Centre

    Increased the default messages per page; minor changes to the view structure; default styles added to the installation template; fixed a minor bug with Group sending.

VerseOne DXP 5.7.4

36 An App for that

  1. Mobile App (Progressive Web App (PWA))

    VerseOne PWA now works for SSO and includes the ability to send Push Notifications. For other capabilities, please see the v5.7.3.5 Release notes.

  2. Biometric Login for Single Sign-On

    Biometric Login now works with OpenID Connect (OIDC), e.g. Azure Active Directory / EntraID Single Sign-On (SSO). Users can login using biometrics, but a rereshed OIDC token is fetched in the background, in order to ensure that users are still authorised to have access to the site.

  3. Push Notifications

    Using the new Notifications Template, VerseOne DXP Admins can now send messages to Access Groups and Smart Groups across their installations, controlling which Sites the messages come from, etc.

    Notifications can be sent via email or Push Notifications or both, and are compiled and sent on the hourly schedule. Those who have the app installed will receive Push Notifications to their devices, e.g. their phone home screen. Admins can set specific page links to open or, if none is set, pressing the Push Notification will take the user to the Notification Centre by default.

    • Users can subscribe to Push Notifications on a range of devices, including desktop / laptop machines;
    • due to restrictions by Apple, iOS devices cannot receive Push Notifications unless they have the app installed.

    Admins can review sent messages and Read receipts in reports at the Site level.

  1. Notifications Centre

    As part of the Push Notifications development, VerseOne has created a new Notifications Centre. This is a centralised place for users to view all personalised Notifications sent to them. Currently only messages sent via the new Notifications Template will appear here: however, a programme of retro-fitting will result in all Module notifications eventually being sent to the Notifications Centre.

    This not only provides a simple, centralised hub for users to view their personalised messages, but also the efficiencies provided through maintaining a single, unified Notifications Centre will allow VerseOne to improve updates and messaging features across the board.

  2. Custom classes in WYSIWYG Editor

    Custom classes have now been restored to the WYSIWYG TinyMCE Editor. In an improvement, editors can now see what Custom Style classes are available to them by selecting from a dropdown list (rather than having to remember what to use), significantly improving discoverability.

  1. Favourites Placement

    Fixed a bug that prevented users being able to select Content Types.

  2. Date fixes

    Fixed some date issues with Publishing and with Advanced Search for Events.

  3. Fixes and improvements

    Various fixes and improvements to Biometrics and Push Notifications user flows, Permissions escalations, and more.

VerseOne DXP

33 Pinocchio

  1. Mobile App (Progressive Web App)

    VerseOne sites can now be embedded into a Progressive Web App (PWA) for download onto mobile devices. A PWA not only provides the beautiful mobile icon on your mobile homescreen — it also enables biometric logins, push notifications, offline storage, and a host of other mobile-native functionalities.

  2. Biometric Login

    VerseOne DXP now allows for biometric login (FaceID, TouchID, fingerprint, etc.) on both mobile devices and biometric-capable laptop and desktop computers.

  3. Personalised User Home Page

    Users can now choose their own home page, from a pre-approved list, e.g. those working in a particular hospital or department can now set those pages as their preferred home page.

  4. Intelligent Content Lifecycle

    VerseOne is working on a number of features to increase engagement and trust across its solutions, but most especially intranets:

    • Front-end Current / Review / Expiry "traffic light" statuses for key Text Content — reassuring users that content is still current, recently Reviewed, and can be trusted.
    • Back-end CMS users now have the ability to see Review Dates in Advanced Search results — enabling them to better plan Review sessions, and to check whether content is about to Expire or be Archived.
    • Events can now be set to automatically Unpublish at a set time period after they have expired.
  1. Bulk Publish / Unpublish Documents and Images

    Documents can now be Published and Unpublished using the Bulk Actions in the CMS Admin Panel. Admins can perform complex Boolean queries using the Advanced Search to select the required documents or images, then use the Bulk Actions to Publish or Unpublish hundreds or thousands of media items in one simple action.

  2. Improved Publishing / Unpublishing Controls

    Publishing controls are now more convenient and powerful in the CMS Admin Panel:

    • a one-click Today button in the Publish dialogue will set the date and time to now;
    • if the content has previously been Published to a site, the Publish date will automatically update to now;
    • pressing the Unpublish button now enables Admins to set a future Unpublish date.
  3. Upgraded WYSIWYG Editor

    The existing Word-style Editor had reached the end of its life, and has now been replaced with a more modern and capable WYSIWYG Editor — which takes advantage of HTML5 elements to allow for a richer editing experience.

  4. Upgraded Code Editor

    The existing Code Editor had reached the end of its life, and has now been replaced with a more modern and capable Code Editor.

  5. Honeypot Spam filter

    Added the Honeypot Spam filter — an automated Spam filter, which uses hidden fields to block some 'bot spam submissions — to all Dynamic Forms by default, and as an option to other forms, e.g. Login and Registration.

  1. Media Browser

    Added explicit View and Download buttons for images.

  2. Staff Directory

    Removed labels if there is no data in the specific fields.

  3. Fixes and improvements

    Various fixes and improvements to publishing and hourly schedule queries, session cycling, Contact deletion, and more.

VerseOne DXP 5.7.3

47 Stand and Deliver!

  1. Accessible Documents Creator SaaS Edition

    Accessible Documents Creator (ADC) is now available for organisations that do not use VerseOne DXP or who are not yet VerseOne customers.

    The powerful Accessible Documents Creator converts Word and PDF files to auto-generated HTML pages — complete with images and tables, and displayed with styling optimised for easy reading and Accessibility.

    A comprehensive Accessibility Checker scans the resulting HTML for non-compliance, flags issues, and enables remediation. ADC SaaS also includes all of the improvements released in v5.7.1.3.

    Links to converted documents can be easily pasted into third party CMS software.

    Intuitive User Management is included.

    Please contact us for more information.

    See all the features of ADC SaaS in action (4m 28s)

  1. ADC can now be used in front-end sites: see the video above for details.

  2. Essential User Management can now be performed in front-end sites, e.g. intuitive management of Joiners, Movers, and Leavers: see the video above for details.

  1. Media Browser

    Return to root folder now navigates to the selected folder, rather than the base Media folder.

  2. Modernizr Library removal

    The Modernizr library is deprecated, and impacts SEO and Page Speed Performance: an option to remove it has been added, and it is switched off in new sites by default.

  3. Fixes and improvements

    Fixes and improvements to Site Editor, Media Uploader and Downloader, RSS Feed rendering, Web Service Layer rendering, Blogs Author rendering, Content List meta-description rendering, Schedules, Dynamic Forms.

VerseOne DXP

1 Just One More Thing...

  1. Google Analytics 4

    Adapted the Google Analytics code output to use GA4 code (rather than UA code) when the full GA-xxxxxxx is inserted in the relevant Website field.

VerseOne DXP 5.7.2

35 Monster Movie

  1. Recurring Events

    The Recurring Events Module makes it far easier to create and maintain regular events: one Event Listing can be created, and multiple date-lines and venues added in order to make maintenance easier.

    In the front-end, the module also includes a multi-parameter search, enabling users to search for events by location, date range, topics, organisers, and more. Users can also book onto an Event with a single click, and payment workflows can be incorporated.

  2. Clinic Booking

    The Clinic Booking Module has been designed to make the running of regular clinics easy, enabling users to book into time slots of various lengths. The system contains the ability to mark attendance, and to view reports for audit purposes.

  3. Projects Directory

    Built for NHS Trusts to list research projects and recruit volunteers, the Module features full search and listings.

  1. A date can now be set for completion of a Process, e.g. when used for training.

  2. Users logged into the front-end, e.g. for portals, can now change their password whilst logged in (rather than simply sending a Forgot Password email).

  3. Decline non-essential cookies

    The Cookie Acceptance Banner now includes an explicit Decline button, to dismiss the banner but without accepting tracking cookies, etc. This improves demonstrable compliance with current legislation.

  4. Page Feedback Spam Guard

    A Spam Guard can now be aded to the Page Feedback Module forms, to prevent erroneous entries.

  5. Resend Registration Confirmation

    Administrators can now resend the Registration Confirmation email to users who may not have received it properly.

  6. Site Redirects

    Setting up page redirects in websites has been made much easier, through the addition of a JSON field type.

  7. Custom Placement Styles by Site

    Custom Placement Styles in the VerseOne Admin Panel can now be filtered by the site on which they are used.

  8. Menu Caching

    Menu structures are now cached in order to improve page loading speeds.

  9. Media Manager: potx file type

    A new file type of potx can now be uploaded to Media Manager.

  1. SEO and Social

    Fixes and improvements to page titles, Twitter feed handling, and more.

  2. Fixes and improvements

    Fixes and improvements to Dynamic Forms, Decision Support Manager (Report Tree), bulk file uploading in Media Manager, Topic Subscriptions, BPA timers, query efficiency, and minor security tweaks.

VerseOne DXP

16 Hungry Hippo

  1. The powerful Accessible Documents Creator converts Word and PDF files to auto-generated HTML pages — complete with images and tables, and displayed with styling optimised for easy reading and Accessibility.

    This release adds numerous improvements to Accessible image issue resolution, including:

    • Easier image editing — adding alt tags is now much faster through inline editing (without needing to open the Editor).
    • More image options — purely decorative images can now be marked with the ARIA role of presentation with a single click;
    • images can now be swiftly deleted inline with a single click.

    Improvements to the extracted document view include:

    • Automatically-generated page index indicates heading level.
    • Restored the skip to index link, particularly for screen-readers and keyboard navigation.
    • Fixed superscript and subscript transcription.
    • Improved Accessibility of empty table header cells.
    • Default @print styles have been added.
    • Minor styling improvements.

    Improvements to VerseOne Admin Panel editing include:

    • The user is navigated to the Preview overlay.
    • The Preview overlay now shows the correct expiry value.
    • Whilst documents are being extracted, the status of the extracted document updates automatically.
    • Checking for Draft extracts has been made more intelligent, so that the previously shown warning when opening a document has been suppressed.
    • Documents Advanced Search now supports searching by whether Documents have been extracted or not.
  1. Fixes and improvements

    Improvements to Document searches, and database efficiency improvements.

VerseOne DXP

6 Apostle's Epistle

  1. Media Manager uploads

    The reliability of Media Manager Bulk File Uploads has been improved.

  2. SMTP Email Sending

    The reliability of secured SMTP notifications has been improved.

  3. Fixes and improvements

    Improvements and fixes to Forums, Excel exports in MS Edge browser, BPA Placements, and SEO-friendly script loading.

VerseOne DXP 5.7.1

5 Protean Bellwether

  1. Accessible Documents Creator (ADC)

    The powerful Accessible Documents Creator converts Word and PDF files to auto-generated HTML pages — complete with images and tables, and displayed with styling optimised for easy reading and Accessibility.

    A comprehensive new Accessibility Checker scans the resulting HTML for non-compliance, flags issues, and enables remediation. Converted documents open the HTML version by default, which means re-linking or folder re-organisation is not required.

    Document conversions are metered.

  2. Multi-factor Authentication

    With web security being ever more important, front-end Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is now integrated as an option within Registration and Authentication methods. Confirmatory codes can be sent via email or, with the addition of a SMS Gateway and Autevo Connector, via SMS text message. With most online services pushing users to adopt MFA, familiarity with the process is increasing — and introducing MFA across the board can increase cyber-security compliance and reduce cyber insurance costs.

  1. Google Maps

    A minor fix to accommodate a change to Google's Maps API.

  2. Fixes and improvements

    Query optimisations for Blogs and Blogs Mini-list, as well as other minor fixes.

VerseOne DXP

63 Look to Windward

  1. Media Browser

    Various fixes to Media Browser and Virtual Documents.

  2. DXP Admin Panel Page / Site display.

    View assigned Sites when searching for Pages in the DXP Admin Panel.

  3. Forms

    Changed the submission feedback field to allow rich text.

  4. Favourites

    Added the ability to Favourite Blog Posts, and fixed a number of issues with Favouriting not working correctly.

  5. Forums

    A number of improvements and fixes to Forums, including auto-publishing of threads, deletion of threads, corrected date stamps, and fixes to thread Approval.

  6. Media Manager File Types

    Allowed new file types of .xlsb (Excel binary format) and .ics (favicon format) for upload to Media Manager.

  7. Database Optimisation

    Various fixes to streamline and optimise database queries to deliver content more quickly — especially on high-traffic sites.

  8. Fixes and improvements

    Numerous fixes and improvements to Content Security Policies, Process Assignments, Actions Awaiting Login, Hit Reports, BPA, and more.

VerseOne DXP

12 Boson

  1. Better H1 Acccessibility

    Moved the H1 into its own ARIA region for better compliance with the latest WCAG Guidelines.

  2. Improvements to BPA

    Forms mathematics works correctly within inline Forms, addition of the Form Revision comments, plus a number of other fixes and improvements.

  3. Forms: uploads on Group Questions

    Group questions now correctly allow for multiple upload fields.

  4. Fixes and improvements

    Numerous fixes and improvements to Security Policies, Media Manager folders, Microsoft Graph API, PDFs, and more.

VerseOne DXP 5.7.0

122 Lernean Hydra

  1. VerseOne DXP API

    The powerful VerseOne DXP API is now available, providing seamless interoperability with critical line of business systems — providing real-time data Input / Output (I/O) to and from VerseOne DXP.

    The fully-documented RESTful VerseOne DXP API is built on the ultra-modern Autevo 2.0 framework, providing organisations with critical usage data for internal reporting systems, or enabling the remote operation of VerseOne DXP by client systems, e.g. remote creation of portal users from back-office systems.

    VerseOne DXP API forms the backbone of the forward roadmap, enabling the development of custom applications (including for mobiles) whilst maintaning a single source of truth.

  2. Eureka Intelligent Content Discovery

    Eureka is an entirely new Module, built on VerseOne's Autevo-driven CMS API, that massively improves the accuracy of document searches, reduces "false positives", and saves time for those uploading documents through automation.

    Eureka scans the content of documents (such as Word or PDF) and — using natural language parsing and learning algorithms — extracts the most relevant keywords; these are then automatically added into the VerseOne DXP Document keywords field. With this meta-data automatically added, document searches are more accurate.

  3. VerseOne BPA Process Assignments

    Perfect for staff training, the Process Assignment Module enables administrators to automatically assign both one-off and repeating processes to individual users or to Access Groups — all in the website or intranet front-end.

    And with BPA's ability to move users between Access Groups, training processes can "unlock" subsequent processes in order to guide users, e.g. from pre-start training, through induction, and then full mandatory training.

  4. Services can now be created and edited through the new and intuitive Front-end Editing framework.

    Front-end Editing in action: post a news item in 1m 30s

  5. Generates a dynamic number of forms based on a previously selected number of responders, e.g. assigning departments responsible for answering a Freedom of Information (FoI) request.

  6. Automatically assigns an Initiator's Manager as Owner of their Process Run.

  7. Enables users to send a custom email to any recipients during the course of a Process Run.

  1. The Content Filtering Personalisation Feature now allows for Blog Posts to be filtered, alongside Content Lists.

  2. Enables review of Form Step submissions without completing the Step — enabling managers to review a form submission, provide feedback to the submitter, who can edit their Form answers before further submission. This feature replaces the Revert Step in most cases, and significantly reduces the need for Branching in other Processes.

  3. Forms can now be shown within BPA Steps (rather than a simple link to open in a new window): this provides a far more intuitive user experience, especially on mobile devices.

  4. Users can now be restricted to a set number of Process Runs for any one Process, e.g. only allowed one Pet Permission application at any one time.

  5. The text of the Cancel Process button is now configurable on a per Process basis.

  6. Using the BPA Group Assignment Step, admins can now specify specific Groups to be removed (rather than "all" or "none").

  7. Blogs Mini-List: adds Category class

    Blog Post Categories are now added as HTML classes on the Blogs Mini-list, enabling for custom styling based on post type.

  8. Threads can now be created witin VerseOne DXP, alongside Topics.

  9. Page Title Duplicate Warning

    VerseOne DXP now provides a warning if a new Page Title is the same as an already existing Page.

  10. Increased Customisation

    Improvements to the framework allow for per customer configuration, including: Password Reset email and dialogue labels, Scheduled Runner tasks, Reports, SSO, Forms, Registration Confirmation emails and pages, Dual Stage Authentication PIN, BPA emails and views, Resource Booking, and more.

  1. Events: add to Calendar

    Restored the "add to calendar" file for Events: now users can swiftly add your event to their calendar app.

  2. Media Browser: search Names, Description and Keywords

    These fields are now searched by default, for a more intuitive experience.

  3. Forms: uploads on Group Questions

    Group questions now allow for multiple upload fields.

  4. Forms: Signature Field

    Signatures now output properly in the PDF Form Responses.

  5. Media Manager: new file types

    Media Manager now allows for new file types to be uploaded and handled correctly: wav, docm, and pub.

  6. Email sending: TLS option added to SMTP

    TLS can now be added to SMTP email sending services through VerseOne DXP.

  7. Fixes and improvements

    Numerous fixes and improvements to Content Security Policies, updated JQuery libraries, OWASP Antisamy Libraries, and more.

VerseOne DXP 5.6.8

31 Eris

  1. Microsoft O365 Integration

    Productisation of O365 Integration via Microsoft's official Graph API.

    Products include a structured Staff Directory — enabling users to find staff members, and move up and down the hierarchy of managers and direct reports — and OneDrive files for a user.

    Full integration with all O365 products available through the Graph API is now available.

  1. Fine-grained searching of Jobs in the front-end of websites, intranets, etc.

  2. Generating lists and tables from WSL Data Loops is now much more powerful.

    WSL Placements can pass configuration options to WSL Channels, providing increased personalisation of integrated portals via all data streams including MS O365.

  1. Rich Media Player Improvements

    Improvements to the way in which audio and video files are accesse and played within the front-end.

  2. Fixes and improvements

    Numerous fixes and improvements to Content Security Policies, updated JQuery libraries, XSS and XSRF defences, Super User access and more.

VerseOne DXP 5.6.7

32 Pure Morning

  1. Improved the Forum Post Editor to include rich formatting and file uploads for front-end users.

  2. Improved Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality, session and cache management, and secret generation. Also added more accurate logging information to enable tracking of user logins.

  1. Azure Integration Improvements

    Added a selection of tools and improvements to improve the efficiency of deployment and running within the unified Microsoft Azure Managed Cloud environment.

  2. Fixes and Improvements

    Numerous fixes and improvements to FAQs, Contact Publishing (for intranets), and more.

VerseOne DXP

10 One Possible Future

  1. In order to provide an even better SSO solution to our customers, VerseOne has added the ability to provide SSO via Microsoft's newer Open ID Connect (OIDC) technology.

    OIDC is only available to customers using Azure AD (ADFS will continue to use SAML 2.0): however, this authentication method also enables VerseOne DXP to connect to Microsoft's Graph API—enabling integration of Azure AD Live Staff Directory, Sharepoint, Office 365, and more.

  1. Azure Integration

    This release features a large number of technical improvements to VerseOne's product suite to optimise operation in the Azure Cloud hosting environment, to ensure that customer installations run as efficiently as possible.

  2. Refactor of SFTP Imports

    In order to provide a more secure environment within Azure, the CSV imports have been refactored to use a different process.

  3. Fixes and Improvements

    Numerous fixes and improvements to underlying environments, Media Browser, Atlas Schedules, time-stamp formats, and more.

VerseOne DXP 5.6.5

43 Wibbly-wobbly Timey-wimey

  1. BPA now allows branching decisions, so that decisions can lead to users needing to create extra steps. Branches are created as separate, re-usable Processes, and can rejoin the main process (e.g. asking for extra information in job applications) or end at their own node (e.g. when asking whether users want to remain on a mailing list).

    Branches extend the already powerful BPA into new territory, enabling highly complex processes to be built and easily administered in a intuitive, branded interface that can be directly viewed and interacted with by your customers.

  2. BPA Steps now enable users to add timer deadlines and deadline reminders, enabling the addition of Service Level Agreements and other timed functions, e.g. for Freedom of Information (FoI), complaints, etc.

    Timers extend the already powerful BPA into new territory, enabling administrators to determine priorities, adhere to compliance SLAs, and determine areas for improvement.

  3. BPA now enables the separation of administration permissions and communications. Multiple Responder Groups can now be added to any process, and then Step notifications sent only to the relevant Responders. Individual users can designate themselves as Owner of a process so that, for that section, only they will receive notifications.

    Multiple Responder Groups and targeted notifications ensure that simple escalation processes can be built, whilst ensuring that only those who need notifications receive them.

  4. Serialised keywords for documents

    Keywords and keyword search has been added to documents as standard.

  1. Cachebusters

    Added "cachebuster" code to resource links, so that changes to JS and CSS files should be automatically refreshed without requiring users to clear their browser cache manually.

  2. SEO Spidering Improvements

    Improvements to SEO instructions to ensure more efficient "spidering" of sites.

  3. SEO Title Improvements

    Content List items now output the individual item's title in the page meta-data in order to reduce duplication and increase natural SEO rankings.

  4. Accessibility Improvements

    Added a main element to the page, to improve ARIA Region performance. This is part of a larger Accessibility review in light of the forthcoming EU Regulations regarding public sector websites.

  5. Form Upload Fields

    Added the Upload Field to Field Types in the new Forms GUI (i.e. it is no longer necessary to select it from the Advanced tab).

  6. Video and audio player update

    With the improvements in browser capabilities, video and audio files now use native HTML5 controls in websites and in VerseOne DXP: this replaces the venerable JS Media Player that relied on Flash for some operations.

  7. Bulk Action Deletions

    In VerseOne DXP, Bulk Actions can be applied to search results, and other lists. Since Bulk Actions were created, VerseOne has added deletions to the framework (primarily for GDPR): Bulk Actions can now be used to delete many pieces of content. In order to minimise slow-downs, it does this on a late-night schedule, and provides a full report to administrators.

  8. System Notifications

    In response to requests from our customers, the in-system status notifications now appear at the bottom right of the GUI, rather than the top right.

  9. External resource compression

    VerseOne DXP now combines all JS files, compresses them, and then delivers via G-Zip: this should significantly improve page rendering speed.

  10. Fixes and improvements

    Numerous fixes and improvements to Media Browsers, Wards, Mega Menus, Menu Builder Pods, Favourites, Web Service Layer Components, Resource Booking, framework upgrades for Azure hosting, and more.

VerseOne DXP 5.6.4

50 The Fourth Monkey

  1. Front-end Editing: Events

    Events have been added to the new Front-end Editing framework, enabling simple in situ creation and editing of Events on your website.

    Front-end Editing is perfect for those quick tasks like posting news, or for users who are infrequent users (or have never been trained on) VerseOne DXP.

  2. Front-end Editing: Jobs

    Jobs have been added to the new Front-end Editing framework, enabling simple in situ creation and editing of Jobs on your website.

    Front-end Editing is perfect for those quick tasks like posting news, or for users who are infrequent users (or have never been trained on) VerseOne DXP.

  3. Front-end Editing: FAQs

    FAQs have been added to the new Front-end Editing framework, enabling simple in situ creation and editing of FAQs on your website.

    Front-end Editing is perfect for those quick tasks like posting news, or for users who are infrequent users (or have never been trained on) VerseOne DXP.

  1. Email marketing now enables users to set colours, typefaces, and more. This gives email marketers more control over the look and feel of their emails.

  1. Improvements to the operation of BPA Apply buttons, and login redirects.

  2. Online Forms

    Improvements to the rendering of Group Questions, and back-end controls.

  3. Improved rendering and validation in Front-end Editing, including field validation, Accessibility violation warnings, date-pickers, Category and Group toggles.

  4. Improved output in step-by-step guided diagnostics built with Report Tree, as well as more stable Regex transmission when a node is sending machine-readable codes to Autevo-connected business systems.

  5. Events Mini-list displays more information

    The Events Mini-list option now displays venue, type, dates and times (rather than just the title).

  6. Minor changes to Media Browser rendering, including column ordering.

  7. Fix rendering bug in Related Pages Placement

    The Related Pages Placement enables users to automatically display Pages related to the current Page that the user is viewing. This fix ensures that those Pages render correctly.

  8. Improve Menu Pod Placement structure

    In the Menu Placement, the Landing Page Pods display option delivers vastly improved and more flexible structure.

  9. Registration, Authentication and ADFS

    A bunch of reliability improvements for working with Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) for Single Sign-On (SSO), as well as validation changes and tweaks to other parts of the Reg/Auth processes.

  10. Upgrade front-end Javascript libraries

    A security upgrade to the standard front-end Javascript framework libraries.

    This upgrade means that VerseOne can only officially support Internet Explorer 9+ on front-end sites.

  11. Fixes and improvements

    Numerous fixes and improvements to password reset, Services Module, Site A–Z, secure URLs, and more.

VerseOne DXP 5.6.3

8 Yorktown

  1. Digital Rewards Transactions

    Encourage engagement by your tenants and service users by awarding them Digital Reward Points, which can then be redeemed for real world rewards.

    Currently, you can award points based on Event Attendance, and for registering and logging in your online portals: we will be adding more "hooks" in the future, as we receive more feedback from our customers.

  2. Basic Forms Maths

    Forms can now be created that perform simple addition and subtraction tasks, based off a set of defined field classes.

  3. Income / Expenditure Budgeting Form

    The bane of customer service agents everywhere, the Income / Expenditure Budgeting Form (also called Pre-afford for Tenancies) can take up to an hour to cmplete over the telephone. With the new Basic Maths in the VerseOne DXP Forms Module, you can now build up an Income / Expenditure Form that your customers can maintain themselves.

  1. Form fieldsets

    Forms can now be built with multiple fieldsets (or "sections") on the same page. These can also be used in conjunction with the Basic Forms Maths to more easily create multiple lines for addition and subtraction.

  1. Fixes and improvements

    A few security fixes and improvements to search and more.

VerseOne DXP 5.6.2

6 Friendly Zombie

  1. Improved Property Search

    Property search gets less confused when there are two towns with the same name, and will always favour the most local one.

  2. Forms Improvements

    Fixed a couple of issues with Form Response exports, especially to PDF. Improvements to field validation in IE11, and to Digital Signatures.

  3. Fixes and improvements

    A few fixes and security improvements to the rendering files, Front-end Editing, and other general improvements.

VerseOne DXP 5.6.1

13 Vienna

  1. Our Word-style WYSIWYG Editor field has now been added to Report Tree, so that you can easily insert links, images, videos, and other media into the Description field.

  2. The Media Manager in Front-end Editing now has the ability to search for, view, and navigate via folders.

    See how easy it is to create a news item or blog post using Front-end Editing…

    Post a news item in 1m 30s

  1. SVGs in Media Manager

    Media Manager now accepts SVG image format uploads.

  2. Forms Improvements

    Various small improvements to Forms, including preventing duplicate Form submissions via the Spam Guard and improvements to the progress summary.

  3. You can now add a Spam Guard to the Forum comment form.

  4. Numerous fixes and improvements

    Numerous fixes and security improvements to Forms, site search, Business Process Automator, SAML (ADFS), and more.

VerseOne DXP 5.6.0

67 nat20

  1. Form Interface Redesign

    An exciting new redesign to ensure that the Online Form Module is better and easier to use. The headline features are as follows:

    • The Forms user interface has been considerably reworked to make building Forms faster and easier: most Form questions can be built from a single screen.

    • A new function called Field Type has been added—this controls the type of field that is displayed in your form, and uses the browser's HTML5 field validation to provide feedback to your customer, e.g. if you select a Field Type of Email, then the browser will check that the user has entered a valid email address. This means that you no longer need to rely on a particular Answer Codes to do this.

    • When Forms are displayed on the website, the validation is done as a customer leaves the field—this means that your customer does not have to submit the Form to receive feedback.

    • Answer Codes are now only used for defining multi-display answers, e.g. radio buttons, checkboxes and select dropdowns.

    • Answer Codes can now be created on the fly—you no longer need to create an Answer Code before it can be used.

    • A new Edit button enables administrators to jump to the relevant sections straight from the Forms list.

    • A GPDR Privacy Notice can now be added directly to a Form.

    • Forms now have more instructions in the interface, to help administrators to understand what information needs to be entered.

    • Administrators can now see which Segments were completed, so that they can determine where issues might be preventing users from completing a Form.

    • Numerous fixes to Group Question rendering.

  2. Permissions Administration Improvements

    Duplicating Access Groups will now also duplicate the Permissions configurations by default.

    Improvements to the way in which Permissions are assigned to historical content Versions.

  3. SEO Helper

    The SEO Helper Module is a set of features—including character counts and other tools—that will help authors to maintain best practice for SEO.

  4. Media folders can now be searched, accessed and the contents viewed within the Front-end Editing Media Browser.

  5. Menu Builder can be used to build mega-menus

    The Menu Builder can now be set to display all child menu items: this means that users can now build sophisticated "mega menus" that include icons and thumbnails, as well as different-coloured menu sections.

  1. Page Cacheing refresh

    Improved the reliability of forced cache refreshing when Pages are edited, or when related items (such as documents) are refreshed.

  2. Front-end Editing now forces editors to add alt text to images, mirroring the back-end functionality.

  3. Added classes to Business Process Automator Steps so that it can be made more obvious as to whether it is the initiator or responder that needs to complete the Step.

  4. Social Media Sharing

    Added Twitter Cards to the social media sharing features. In addition, blog posts will use the main image within the social media cards (for both Twitter Cards and Open Graph) rather than the default site image.

  5. Event Lists display multiple Types

    Event Content Lists can now be set to display multiple Event Types, rather than just one.

  6. Email allows +

    Contact record email fields now allow the use of "+" to enable easier testing of features through multiple email additions.

  7. Numerous fixes and improvements

    Numerous fixes and security improvements to error logging, Web Service Channels, authentication re-directs, search configurations, BPA, proxy set-ups, Accessibility tools, search engine spidering, and more.

VerseOne DXP 5.5.4

15 Rubicon

  1. High-level Page Cacheing

    Building on a number of efficiency and search improvements, this release sees the introduction of high-level Page Cacheing. The new Cacheing Engine should see many Pages loading considerably faster—making better use of hosting resources, improving page speed rankings (and SEO), and delivering a better experience for site customers.

    Please note that, due to the complexities of Permissions, the cacheing does not currently operate for Pages protected behind a login. As with all VerseOne product developments, the intention is to continue adding to the capabilities of the Cacheing Engine; nor does it work for Pages containing Content Lists. However, VerseOne intend to monitor the real-world efficacy of this feature, before extending the capabilities of the Cacheing Engine.

  2. Streaming Downloads

    Document downloads now use streaming rather than being loaded into memory and downloaded direct. Users should see considerable speed improvements when downloading documents, and hosting efficiency and speed will be massively improved.

  1. Fixes and improvements

    Fixes to Forms export, Favourites controls, PECR / GDPR option banners, and important security improvements to logins, registration, and password security.

    Please note that this release (finally) removes official support for CF9 environments.

VerseOne DXP 5.5.3

6 Magic Missile Fireball

  1. Fixes and improvements

    A few specific fixes for multi-server environments, and general fixes and improvements.

VerseOne DXP 5.5.2

6 Polymorph

  1. GDPR "strict" PECR Policy Option

    Restored the "strict" PECR Policy option at Site level, to ensure maximum compliance with GDPR. In addition, this option will prevent any Code Droplets—which may contain tracking items, such as Google Analytics, HotJar, etc.—from loading unless the visitor explicitly agrees. Please note that customers should update their Privacy Policies if using these kinds of utilities.

  1. Form Export Improvements

    Review of Form Results exports to ensure that the questions that are exported are the same as the responder answered at the time.

  2. More efficient Permissions assignments for the File Upload Step Type in Process Automator.

  3. GDPR Contact Deletion Improvements

    Implementing more efficient deletion of Contacts, so that much of the associated Contact information—such as Form Results, Process Runs and Waiting List applications—can also be automatically deleted simultaneously.

  4. Fixes and improvements

    A few general fixes and security improvements.

VerseOne DXP 5.5.1

10 Emma

  1. A number of improvements to make Front-end Editing work better with non-SuperUser accounts, and improve efficiency when running through SSL/TLS Certificates.

  2. Session Security

    A number of fixes to make Session Cookies more secure.

  3. Folder Administrators

    A fix for erroneous behaviour for the Media Manager Folder Administrators feature.

  4. Fixes and improvements

    A few general fixes and security improvements.

VerseOne DXP 5.5.0

62 Austerity

  1. Simple Inline Creation and Editing of Content

    The first stage of VerseOne's massive Inline Editing upgrade, designed to make creating and editing content in situ easier and faster for all users—but especially lightly-trained and infrequent authors.

    Initially, this feature will focus on editing and creating new Blog Posts and news stories, and editing text content.

    The Media Manager has been simplified, in the front-end, and made more intelligent, e.g. you can now view and filter by recently uploaded media.

    Post a news item in 1m 30s

    More tasks will be rolled out over the course of the next few months.

  2. BPM Holiday Booking

    A package to enable BPM to be used to approve and report on Annual Leave, including tracking remaining Leave days for the current year, and for the following year.

  3. Ward Directory

    A specialist Module for the Healthcare sector, enabling the detailed display of Ward information—including dedicated search and A–Z. Wards can be displayed separately per hospital site, and information includes: contact details, key staff, facilities, rounds, and visiting hours.

  4. Consultant Directory

    A specialist Module for the Healthcare sector, enabling the detailed display of consultant information—including dedicated search and A–Z. Information includes: specialities, qualifications, GMC number, contact details, and photo.

  5. Medical Directory

    A specialist Module for the Healthcare sector, enabling the detailed display of medical test information—including dedicated search and A–Z. Information includes: specimen details, bottle or container details, time details, and additional information. Can be easily hooked up to Forms and Business Process Manager for ease of ordering and tracking.

  1. Image Resizing

    Images will be automatically re-sized on upload, so that webpages are lighter and faster-loading.

  2. Open Graph meta-tags

    Add Open Graph meta-tags for better display of Pages linked to from some social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Google.

  3. Blog Comment Notifications

    Blog owners can now receive notifications when a comment has been added to a Blog Post.

  4. Additional confirmation is now required when deleting a message in the Feedback Messaging Module. Also, message timestamps are now more readable.

  5. Allow documents to be searched by keywords

    Fixed an issue where the Keywords field for documents was being collated for the Site Search, but the query was not taking advantage of this. In other words, additional search terms can be added to the document Keywords field, and more accurate document search results will be delivered.

  6. Load documents inline

    Provides an option so that if the browser can render a document itself it will do so, rather than automatically downloading the document, e.g. PDFs.

  1. Dynamic Templating improvements

    Some amendments and changes to the front-end HTML output, to enable front-end developers to take advantage of some of the latest layout technologies.

  2. Stored Procedures review

    A number of fixes and efficiency improvements to database "stored procedures" that should make installations run more quickly and reliably.

  3. Terminology changes

    Continuing from the previous release, a number of terminology changes have been made throughout the user interface.

  4. Rename "Classic Modules"

    During the switchover to Mac OS X, the old Mac OS 9 applications used to run as "Classic Modules"; when VerseOne DXP v5 was released in 2012, a similar naming convention was adopted for modules which had been converted straight from the previous version. This was intended to be a temporary thing but these modules are still with us!

    In order to provide more clarity, however, the relevant section of the Asset Menu has now been renamed "Forms and Feeds".

  5. Numerous fixes and improvements

    Fixes and security improvements, with a continued focus on rock-solid GDPR audit and compliance. Improvements to Permissions, Venues, Drafting, and GUI fixes for Media Manager, standard Inline Editing, the Login pane, and more.

VerseOne DXP 5.4.4

10 Sarajevo

  1. GUI fixes

    Small improvements to the user interface for the Media Manager (including the image editing dialogue) and In-system Messaging.

    Some modifications to terminology within the CMS, e.g. "open in Entity Viewer" is now "open in Workspace", which will continue into the next release.

  2. Numerous fixes and improvements

    Stability fixes and security improvements for Sandbox, Authentication, and Forms.

VerseOne DXP 5.4.3


  1. Improvements to Blog Archives

    Blog Archive counts now take account of the Publish state of posts.

  2. Review and extensive fixes to make user imports from Active Directory (LDAP and ADFS) considerably more efficient and reliable.

  3. GUI fixes

    Small improvements to the user interface for the Media Manager (including the image editing dialogue) and In-system Messaging.

    Some modifications to terminology within the CMS, e.g. "open in Entity Viewer" is now "open in Workspace", which will continue into the next release.

  4. Numerous fixes and improvements

    Stability fixes and efficiency improvements have been made to the Report Tree, Venue Route Mapping, System Validation Service, Approval Publishing, Permissions, and system error logging.

VerseOne DXP 5.4.2

10 Grumpy Jetliner

  1. Site Search Improvements

    Massive improvements in efficiency when using the Site Search where there are lots of Permission-controlled items of content, e.g. intranets, portals, etc.

  2. Efficiency improvements to Contact Permissions when Users are inserted via Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS).

  3. GUI fixes

    Small improvements to the user interface for the Forms Module and the Media Manager (including the image editing dialogue). Cosmetic improvements to the Export palette and Duplicate dialogue.

  4. Numerous fixes and improvements

    Fixes and improvements have been made to the Business Process Manager, Report Tree, Forums Module, Group Membership, CMS Advanced Search, and system emails.

VerseOne DXP 5.4.1

41 Finkle & Einhorn

  1. Customer Portal Usage Reports

    Quickly and easily measure the increased success of your Secure Portal, with graphical reports of sign-ups, active users, and more. Understand how effective your campaigns are with clear KPIs on sign-up rates and customer engagement.

    As portals become more important, you want to be able to measure RoI. The most basic measure is of Registrations, and Monthly Active Users (MAU). These metrics can help you to measure the effectiveness of your portal, or campaigns to support sign-up.

    Reports include: number of registrations, unique user logins, users who have not logged in, and most popular pages.

  2. Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) Integration

    VerseOne DXP can now import users and implement Single Sign-On (SSO) through Microsoft’s ADFS web services. This means faster deployment, considerably lower hosting costs, and more reliable logins.

    Intranets with Active Directory synching no longer have to be on their own server, and do not have to be tightly attached to your organisation’s network or domain in order to take advantage of SSO.

  3. Portal Management Toolkit

    Enable your teams to assist your customers in dealing with secure portal registrations, password settings, and other features.

    Your teams can "log in" as other users, enabling you to provide comprehensive support, and to perform tasks—such as repair reporting—with the pre-populated information.

  4. Feedback Micro-blogging

    Create team-oriented message streams, enabling visitors and staff to leave feedback and "shouts" on your websites or intranets: let your teams have whole conversations, or just share their appreciation with everyone.

    Messages can be moderated or hidden, and multi-threaded replies can be added too.

    Multiple streams can be set up so, for instance, on an intranet each department could have their own micro-blogging / feedback stream placement.

  1. SEO Improvements for Content Lists

    Individual Content List items now render their information in the page title and h1 main page heading. This assists with SEO through ensuring that the links and target page carry the same main information.

  2. Form Confirmation Emails

    Users can now add their own messages to the emails sent to visitors who submit a Form.

  3. Failed Registration and Login Reports

    The CMS now contains reports on failed registrations and logins, so that issues can be properly diagnosed.

  1. Saved Property Searches are more reliable when multiple parameters are selected.

  2. Systems Validation Service (SVS) has a number of stability and styling improvements, to ensure even more reliable validations.

  3. A number of changes and stability improvements to the Web Service Layer processes and rendering, ensuring that real-time bi-directional API connections are more reliable.

  4. Improvements to Schedules and Emails in Proxied Set-ups

    Schedules and system email communications now work correctly in multi-proxied server set-ups.

  5. Mandatory Read Documents cannot now be marked as read and understood until the user has downloaded the document file.

  6. Group Questions in Form Results

    Improvements to the way in which Group Questions are rendered in the Form Results view.

  7. Fixed an issue where the Venue Driving Directions would not work if the postcode did not exist in the CMS database.

  8. Database Efficiency

    Indexes and archiving has been added to a number of items in the database, including the History Audit function. This should lead to speed increases, especially on long-standing installations.

  9. Numerous fixes and improvements

    Fixes and improvements have been made to the Business Process Manager, Report Tree, Forums Module, Group Membership, CMS Advanced Search, and system emails.

VerseOne DXP 5.4.0

21 Little Green Bag

  1. Site Search Improvements

    This release contains a series of massive improvements to the standard Site Search—which deliver huge increases in accuracy and speed.

    As the system has expanded, more and more pieces of content are being used as "fragments" to augment the versatility and display of other Modules, e.g. Services, Properties, etc. This was leading to huge numbers of erroneous search results and, sometimes, too much "noise" in the results delivery.

    This version brings an entirely new Search Indexing System which combines all of a content item's "fragments" on Publish: this means that all of the fragments are still searchable, but only the main parent content is returned.

    This now means that, when you search for a Page, the search will also index all of the Main Content on that Page, and return it as a relevant search result.

  2. The Process Runs that a user has started are logged against their Contact record, in the Process Runs tab.

  3. Various improvements to the Report Tree, to accommodate more flexible report scripts.

  1. A new Step Type for the BPM, which enables a user to upload multiple files through drag-and-drop. By default, the files are attached to the Process Initiator through their Contact record Resources tab.

  2. When Groups are assigned Mandatory Read documents, the system will now correctly log when a user in that Group has read the document.

  3. Redesigned Release Notes

    The Release Notes have been redesigned to make them clearer, and to make maintenance easier.

  4. Numerous fixes and improvements

    Fixes and improvements have been made to the Business Process Manager, Report Tree, Services Module, and Javascript libraries.

VerseOne DXP 5.3.2

10 All the fun of the fayre

  1. Integrated Release Notes

    Release Notes added to the product, and updated with every future release. When logged into the CMS, click on the Admin menu (top right) and select Release Notes.

  1. Improved Form Field Rendering

    An update to the rendering of Online Form fields when using Business Process Manager-specific field attributes.

  2. Optimisation of Feed Manager imports

    A change to Feed Manager Private Feed imports, to greatly improve the efficiency of row counts.

  3. Optimisations to the Property Main Image query, in order to improve performance in very large sites.

  4. Changes to the way in which images are output in the Report Tree to improve Accessibility.

  5. History Improvements

    Every item of content within the CMS has an Audit History, so that users can understand who did what within the system. Due to changes in the framework over time, the History function could log "phantom" changes—this intermittent problem has now been rectified.

  6. Added some checking to improve the robustness of the WSL when interacting with Online Forms and multiple APIs.

  7. Numerous fixes and improvements

    Fixes and improvements have been made to the System Upgrader, SSL compliance, efficiency of Permissions, Database Dynamic Query Engine, and preparations made to the back-end GUI to prepare for better mobile device styling.

VerseOne DXP 5.3.1

25 Walleeeeeee

  1. Services Module

    A new module focused on enabling customers to quickly and easily build up a library of Services. The module includes a dynamic Google map, dedicated Services search, and an A–Z Placement.

  2. WSL Dynamic Content Placement

    A new Module to give Administrators total control over the front-end output of data from Web Service APIs.

  1. Show Headline Setting for Text Content

    Text Content now includes a switch to show or hide the Headline in the front-end. Users do not now need to use a No Headline Custom Placement Style.

  2. Contact Import Group Assignment

    A new controller and scripts for assigning imported Contacts to Permissions Groups when using the automated Contact Import feature.

  1. Stop duplicate Online Form submissions

    This feature disables the Submit button on Online Forms once it has been pressed, to avoid users creating duplicate submissions on slow networks.

  2. Increased flexibility and robustness applied to the WSL, from real-world interactions with HMS APIs from Capita, Civica and Northgate.

  3. Various improvements to the Business Process Manager, including fixes to complex Step sequences, the Initiate Process Button, and more precise links within the automated emails.

  4. Numerous fixes and improvements

    Fixes and improvements have been made to the System Upgrader, SSL compliance, efficiency of Permissions, Database Dynamic Query Engine, and preparations made to the back-end GUI to prepare for better mobile device styling.

VerseOne DXP 5.3.0

47 Generic Enterprise

  1. Report Tree

    Users can build up a step-by-step, guided-reporting tree to provide a simple structural interface for reporting processes, such as Repair Reporting Diagnostics and Scripting, or ASB Reporting.

  2. Online Forms-to-API Submission

    Online Form submissions (including those Forms submitted through Report Tree) can now be pushed to an API Web Service, e.g. for integrated repairs reporting directly into a Housing Management System.

  3. Business Process Manager (BPM)

    Stack multi-function Steps to create two-way, multi-stage, streamlined processes, initiated by an Online Form submission (including those Forms submitted through Report Tree) or an Apply button, e.g. job or property applications.

  4. Systems Validation Service (SVS)

    Decouples user validation from Registration, to enable users to verify their identity against multiple back-office systems (new default for Datafish). Also provides health-check for target systems, so that admins can diagnose problems.

  5. Web Service Layer

    A new set of controllers for enabling bi-directional rendering and querying of Web Service API (WS-API) data, and enable users to build their own view files using WS-API variables.

  6. Related Resources Placement

    Automatically display Media linked to a piece of content via the Resources tab, e.g. documents related to a piece of content.

  1. Password Strengthometer

    Display to users whether their password is sufficiently strong (front-end and back-end), plus various fixes to prevent the unauthorised guessing of passwords (latest security recommendations).

  2. Forms Styling Classes

    Front-end Developers can now add styling classes to Online Forms, so that individual forms and answers can be styled differently, and images can be added to questions.

  3. Content Collection

    Gather together pieces of Text Content into a single, more manageable Placement. This not only makes content easier to manage within Pages, but also opens up the potential for applying Tables of Contents to long page documents.

  1. Login Screen

    An update to the aesthetics to make the login screen more attractive and the options easier to navigate.

  2. Active Directory improvements

    Numerous fixes and performance improvements, plus configuration tools for de-skilling implementation, ability to properly map departments, sites and specialities.

  3. Javascript Library updates

    A security upgrade to the standard Javascript framework libraries. This upgrade means that VerseOne DXP can no longer support Internet Explorer 7.

  4. Installation Validation Tools

    Internal tools to improve the reliability of upgrades, including checks for missing media folders, and unchanged passwords.

  5. Numerous fixes and improvements

    Fixes and improvements have been made to Lucee, Permissions, indexing, SOLR, and Registration.

VerseOne DXP 5.2.14

34 Hyper-normalisation

  1. Feed Manager

    Improvements to Feed Manager's Private Feed imports, including explicit character set declaration.

  2. Active Directory

    Improvements to Active Directory integration, including a fix for LDAP creating multiple Contact Drafts.

  3. Numerous fixes and improvements

    Fixes and improvements have been made to Events, Venues, Google maps, Forums, and front-end rendering in Lucee.

VerseOne DXP 5.2.13

10 Tatiana

  1. Improved Security

    A number of fixes and enhancements to improve security throughout the application, in line with the latest guidance.

  2. Numerous fixes and improvements

    Fixes and improvements have been made to document downloads, MS SQL performance.

VerseOne DXP 5.2.12

24 Rio

  1. Solr Search Refactor

    This release sees a total refactoring of the Solr Search Module, separating it from the CMS so that it can run in its own threads. This vastly improves stability of the whole installation, especially when Solr is over-worked or temporarily unavailable.

  2. Solr Server Auto-restart

    Implemented a Solr Server Monitor to determine whether Solr is running at the time that a search is made: if it is not, then the standard Site Search is used, and Solr restarted automatically.

  3. Solr Document Publishing Improvements

    Huge performance improvements to Solr document indexing, particularly in Publishing, Un-publishing, deleting, Group mapping and search relevance.

  1. File Browser Fix

    File Browser fix for load-balanced environments for uploading complex web pages, e.g. "flip books".

  2. Email Field Validation

    Removed the Regex validation for email fields, due to issues with a Chrome upgrade—the system now leaves all email field validation to the browser.

  3. Password Reset Improvements

    Minor fixes to password resets so that they operate correctly in all browsers.

  4. Image Editor fix

    Fixed an issue where the Image Editor would not load due to a new session id parameter.

  5. Reset Application fix

    Fixed an issue where Reset Application would not do so.

  6. DB Upgrader fix

    Fixed an issue where the DB Upgrader Tool would error out when running older micro-updates.

VerseOne DXP 5.2.11

38 The Wrong Car

  1. Mega Drop-down Menu

    Moved the accessible Mega Menu from customisation to product, to deliver multi-level drop-down menus on websites and intranets.

  1. Form Response Deletions

    Ensured that Forms correctly respects filters on deletion.

  2. Passwords

    Enable CMS Superusers to generate randomised, secure passwords for CMS users. Also, removed the default expiry for passwords, in line with the current security guidance.

  3. Timeline Breadcrumb

    Improvements to the Timeline Breadcrumb in the CMS, increasing the available recent items to twenty.

  4. Load-Balanced Environment Enhancements

    Comprehensive, framework-wide enhancements to enhance performance in high-availability, load-balanced environments—including improvements to Feed Manager, Media Manager, Broken Links Reports, Form Uploads, XML Sitemaps, Schedules, RSS Feeds, and more.

  1. Permissions Enhancements

    Optimisation of Permissions queries to allow faster, more efficient loading of Permissions for logged-in users.

  2. Blogs Mini-list Permissions

    Ensured that Permissions work correctly on the Blogs Mini-list Placement.

  3. Media Manager file handling

    Improvements to Media Manager's file handling and download behaviour for multiple versions.

  4. Numerous fixes and improvements

    Fixes and improvements have been made to Lucee, SOLR, and Single Sign-on.

VerseOne DXP 5.2.10

37 Grobbendonk

  1. Media Downloads

    By design, it used to be possible to download older versions of documents; this policy has been revised and, now matter the link pressed, only the latest version of a document can be downloaded.

  2. Accessibility improvements to checkbox fields in the CMS

    The checkbox and radio options were not properly attached to the relevant fields, so this has been corrected.

  3. Properties can now be duplicated via the relevant function in the CMS.

  4. Menu Builder Improvements

    Altered to allow direct customisation; the relevant parent links to the right page; the headlines are now correct.

  5. Numerous fixes and improvements

    Fixes and improvements have been made to Lucee, Permissions, indexing, SOLR, and Registration.

VerseOne DXP 5.2.0

57 Cascades

  1. VerseOne DXP nows runs on Linux / Lucee

    VerseOne DXP v5.2 now runs on Linux. That means better uptime, and less disk space (a Windows VM requires around 60GB; a Linux VM running Atlas requires around 8GB).

    We now also run on Lucee1—an Open Source version of Coldfusion. That means that there is better documentation, less expensive development, and a bigger community.

    Altogether, should you choose to switch, this means cheaper hosting costs, more power to your organisation, and a more reliable Disaster Recovery Plan.

    And, of course, no licence fees payable to Microsoft or Adobe2.

  2. Cascading Page Permissions

    VerseOne DXP v5.2 introduces Cascading Page Permissions. When you set a Page to be Private, it will automatically check if the contents of the Article Content area have the same Private status.

    If they do not, an alert will be shown to you, and you can opt to lock down these vital pieces of content with a single click.

    If you add new content to the Page, it will check the Permissions again, and provide the same method to lock down those new pieces of content.

    Not only that, but if you add new Groups to the Page, it will recheck the Permissions, and give you the option—through the same simple interface—to cascade those Permissions too.

  3. Cascading Media Permissions

    VerseOne DXP v5.2 implements Cascading Media Permissions.

    Now, you can upload, move or create Media items—images, documents, and audio and video files—within folders, and then opt to set the folder Permissions to apply to all of the items within that folder.

    And you can do it with a single click.

  4. Simple adding of Permission Groups

    VerseOne DXP v5.2 includes simple adding of Groups to Content.

    When a piece of content is set to Private, a new field appears, immediately below the Privacy switch, where you can quickly and easily add the Permissions Groups you need.

  5. Duplication of Permission Groups

    In VerseOne DXP v5.2, when you duplicate a Permission Group, all of the associated Content Permissions are now also copied across.

    This significantly reduces the time required to set up new Permissions Groups—especially when the access requirements are very similar.

  6. Media Deletions

    As of VerseOne DXP v5.2, you can delete Media items. You can delete the current Version, or all historical Versions. These deletions will also remove all of the files from your hard-drive, so that you can free up space.

  7. Contact Deletions

    As of VerseOne DXP v5.2, you can delete Contacts. You may delete the current Version, or opt to delete all Versions of the Contact.

    Any data collected about them, or History associated with them, will no longer show their name or details.

  8. System Email Delivery

    As of v5.2, our system emails are now sent via Rackspace's MailGun service3, rather than our built-in email.

    We had found that Coldfusion's native emailing could be unreliable; in addition, because VerseOne's servers were sending email that was ostensibly from your domain, more and more vital emails were getting caught in spam filters.

    Both of these factors meant that you or your customers might not receive vital email communications.

    With v5.2, all of this has changed: we will now send all email via Rackspace's MailGun service. This white-listed delivery service is designed for system emails, and is trusted by other world-spanning applications to deliver crucial messages. It is highly recommended that you switch to MailGun if using the Email Marketing Module.

    Using MailGun will provide you with more reliable delivery and, should anything untoward happen, provide VerseOne with better reporting and delivery information—so that we can investigate and solve your problem more quickly.

    Since we are uniting all email sending under a single controller, in the future we will look to integrate other senders, e.g. Mandrill4.

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    2. We have not yet tested Lucee in Mac or Windows environments and, as such, are unable to guarantee that the system will perform optimally in these circumstances. For internal process reasons, we will be concentrating our QA on the Mac environment, and will publish our finding presently. It is unlikely that we will spend resources on a Windows / Lucee environment unless there is a significant financial reason to do so. ↩︎
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  1. Numerous fixes and improvements

    VerseOne continues to actively improve and develop its software platforms. As well as the new features outlined above, VerseOne DXP v5.2 includes over 30 further fixes and improvements—driven by our customers’ feedback.